UC Newby

Introduction: I was diagnoses with UC Oct 2012 through a colonoscopy. The GI wanted to put me on oral and suppositories and to have all vaccinations, as my immune system would be put to sleep. This sounded horrific to me and I refused all medication. I went to a Naturopath and pretty much went into […]

Positive Update and a Question About Dealing with Friends and Family

Matt from Christchurch New Z-land: I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (pancolitis) since May 2009 but had symptoms before that for about a year or so on and off. Just started remicade. Some more about me: From New Zealand (which is that odd looking set of Islands east of Australia). Into sports, movies, books, […]

Calling in the SCD

Hey Hey Hey! What is going on all my UC friends? How is everybody doing? Well it has been about 2 months since my last update for you guys. Forgive my absence but I have been living without internet or cell service for the past month and a half. It’s actually been kind of nice, […]

Can Stressful Life Events Cause Colitis Flares?

If you’re Hiroshi, Masaki, Yoshitaka, and a bunch of others from Japan who completed some research that was published in February of 2013…I’m pretty sure that you’re answer is going to be a big fat, “YES! Life events can indeed cause/induce colitis flares”. So once again, I was spending time reading through PubMed and another […]

Colitis Smokers Unite

Introduction: Howdy, Diagnosed with ulcerative proctitus 2011 after quitting smoking. Did not put smoking and UC together until now even though I restarted smoking and had been symptom free until I quit again. Had a flare used a few left over cortenemas and symptoms stopped, of course during the stress of the flare started smoking […]

New Diagnonis; Typical Symptoms and SCD Diet

Introduction: My husband, age 43, was recently diagnosed with UC, in July of 2013. We live in Florida and have a 10 year old son. I tend to eat a fairly healthy diet and exercise regularly, however, my husband is and has always been inclined toward eating “junk,” and has a great fondness for food, […]