Creating Your Own UC Diet

Intro: I’ve had UC for nearly ten years. I’ve gone through the standard medicine cycle, from Pentasa to Methotrexate and Infliximab; the last two were the only medicines that had any noticeable effect. As of early 2013, I’ve completely changed what I eat, and I’m currently following the SCD and am medicine-free. Some more about […]

Hate to Have the Doctors Check My Butt

Introduction: I have UC due to radiation therapy in the pelvis area…The doctors have tried different medications to stop the bleeding..I have had two colonoscopies and have ruled out colon cancer. I am now trying mesalalina enemas every day for two weeks. Hopefully it will work. Some more about me: I am 83 years old […]

Extreme Tiredness, Diarrhea, Loss of Appetite, Anaemia, Joint Pain

I am from South Africa. I loved hiking but no longer have the energy to do it anymore. I love to read, watch great movies, dance and socialize which has unfortunately taken a knock to. I have informed my loved ones and friends and they are loving and supportive. I know you may all think I am crazy but I know I have it I have had all the symptoms for two years and reading about my bizarre attack of joint pain while I am asleep was the cherry on the cake.