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Thank You

I just wanted to thank Adam for all his wonderful work with this website. When I was in my most awful flare up and could barely get out of bed I came across this website. It was so inspiring to see other people who were able to live a normal life who have UC. This […]

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March 2011 Ulcerative Colitis Update

Hi Everyone, I wanted to make a video tonight to give an update on how I’m feeling, to talk a little bit about bleeding and hemorrhoids, and also to talk about the FAST approaching Las Vegas Trip, and also the brand new ihaveuc FORUM. Let her rip: Also, there is going to be some more […]

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Praying For You All…

Intro: I am facing a pretty tough battle with UC right now…I believe the SCD diet works, but as for me right now, I have to have the Remicade along with a strict diet. Story: I didn’t really have many questions at the moment. If any of you out there are fighting this battle and […]

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Sulfites linked to UC flares (has anyone done more research on this?)

If you guys are like me, and I know you are, you go through periods of intense research looking into UC. Has anyone read this article?  Do any of you have a sulfite allergy, or sulfite reactions? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC549081/ Basically this study concluded that sulfites and caffeine are main triggers of UC flares.  The reason sulfites […]

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Food For Thought

Background: Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis January 2010 but have had it for six years now with the symptoms generally once a year except this last year required me to see a doctor finally. The Story: I was prescribed Asacol HD 4 pills a day which doesn’t seem to help at all. […]

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The Five Stages of UC

Stage 1- Denial I was diagnosed: Ulcerative Colitis- pancolitis- all over colitis- not the left side or the right side but everywhere. Finally, a name for the pain, the bleeding, the nausea.  I was diagnosed which meant they could give me drugs, drugs that would solve my problem and relieve my pain. Soon, it would […]

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