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Ulcerative Colitis Tips

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UC in the OC

UC in the OC

Hey everyone!!! My name is Graham from Orange County, CA. I work in law enforcement. I’m 30 and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about a month ago. After a follow up doc visit and a review of my colonoscopy pics… I was told that I probably have Ulcerative Proctitis instead.   My Colitis Experience: So […]

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Lonely Disease - Shannon's Story

Lonely Disease – Shannon’s Story

Hi my name is Shannon. I’m 39. I was diagnosed with UC in 2000, but the story actually begun when I was 7 months pregnant with my first baby. I started having bad cramping an bloody poop with lots of mucus. I told my OBGYN doctor about this an she said “oh its probably hemorrhoids”. […]

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Shitt Happens

The Pooping So Far: I’ve been in remission for almost a year… very scary to thing that is true. Diagnosed in the fall of 2007, just turned 16, it was sure an adventure. I have had accidents almost everywhere, many times. In my car countless times, in my friends’ cars, outside of my work, in […]

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Diagnosed with Severe Colitis

Hi , I was diagnosed with severe colitis two months ago. I did not know what was happening to my body, lost a lot of blood and have been in the hospital twice in seven weeks.  My last hospital stay was two nights after a really bad flare up.  Doctors said my bowel was too […]

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