The Monster Returns

Last Chistmas eve I ended up in hospital with a bad ulcerative colitis flare that had lasted 4 weeks, I had a drip put in my arm and, after 5 days my uc symptoms subsided I was sent home with steroids, that worked a treat I have been med free for two months. However, today […]

Update for People Taking Humira

Hi everyone, As most of you know who have been following this site, I’m not a big advocate for medications, but I know that many many people who have ulcerative colitis (including myself in the past) have taken or are currently taking medications to help with the symptoms and to regain a normal lifestyle. There […]

Looking For Advice

I was given the good news that I suffered from colitis. Then my doctor told me I have indeterminate, which means I show symptoms of both colitis and crohn’s. Anyways, I have been dealing with this for a number of years and have taken my fair share of prescribed drugs. Recently, the disease has spread […]