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Ulcerative Colitis Tips

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My Teenager Has Colitis

I’m looking for information from others or from parents whose child has UC and what medication successes they have had. Also if the child/teen has tried SCD diet and if so with what success? My daughter was diagnosed last October at 14 years old. Prescribed Asacol and prednisone. After about 4 months she was weaned […]

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Sulfasalazine for Paul

Introduction: My name is Paul,I’m 33.  A few days ago on Oct, 5th, 2011 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.   I’ve been Hospitalized multiple times in the past for abdominal pain/bloody stools, and seem to have suffered from on and off spells of diarrhea probably since my teens. My Story: I have been a […]

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Relationships and Ulcerative Colitis – 50 Person Survey

Ulcerative Colitis Survey October 8, 2011:  Relationships and Ulcerative Colitis Objective:  To share experiences and information about how being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis has affected relationships and intimacy with partners. Data Collected through a simple questionnaire with participation of 50 Colitis people from all over the world.(8 Countries to be exact:  Australia, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, […]

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What’s Happening: Dashing to the Toilet

Hi There I Have UC Website Readers, 5 weeks ago I began to experience urgent urges to go to the toilet, but when i had reached the toilet to open my bowels it was just blood that would be released (quite alot)! There were times when i couldn’t reach the bathroom in time but luckily […]

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