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Painkillers and Ulcerative Colitis

Overview: The Pendulum of Ulcerative Colitis, How to deal? Norco prescribed struggles, and questions/thoughts. My Colitis Story: I’m 25 years old and my names Gene. My wife and I moved from Southern Cali up to Sacramento to continue our education to become teachers. We’ve been up here for over a year now, and over the […]

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Rage Against the UC!!

Rage Against the UC!!

Introduction: Hi, My name is David and was diagnosed with UC three months ago. Going to start Remicade Oct 6th. Colitis Story: Me like most ignored the symptoms for about three months till the wife finally made me go to the doctor. My iron levels were way low along with a lot of the others, […]

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Prednisone-Prednisolone Use Side Effects Survey Results

Prednisone Survey Results from 42 participants in the UC Prednisone Survey. Thank you very much to everyone from the Facebook IHAVEUC group who responded to this survey and participated.  As many of us have realized, taking prednisone/prednisolone for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms is quite common.  I had no idea though how many of […]

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Trying Methotrexate for UC

Well, I’ve had two colonoscopy exams this year and they are still showing mild to moderate UC up to about 25cm. I have been getting remicade infusions for four years now so my Doc decided to send me up to the Melissa L Posner Institute for Digestive Health and Liver disease at Mercy Hospital in […]

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