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My Ulcerative Colitis Life So Far

Introduction: Hi, My name is Kelli, 32, from Nottinghamshire in England, & I have suffered with Ulcerative Colitis for near on 6 years now. My Story: Well, what can I say to express the relief I feel at finding this site?? If I said right now I’m brought to tears by the discovery, it wouldn’t […]

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Can You Beat This History

My Background with Ulcerative Colitis: I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in the mid-1970’s—my youngest child was in the 3rd grade (she is now 43). Until last month, I had been truly symptom-free for over 20 years. Can anyone beat that record? My Story: In the old days, (and there was no being put to […]

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Joy in Adversity

For most of the last twenty years I’ve hung drywall and pulled joints. It’s helped put a roof over our heads and food on the table. I’ve taken a lot of pride in my work and the way that I relate to people on jobs of various sizes, and I’ve taken pride in my physical […]

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2011 Ulcerative Colitis Writing Contest UPDATE

Hi Everyone, Since we are almost six or seven weeks into 2011, I wanted to update all of the participants who have already submitted your stories for the 2011 ulcerative colitis writing contest, and let you know how the contest is going so far. First, on behalf of everyone from all over the world who […]

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Two UC Questions For You Folks

I had a whole long entry typed out and I lost it… so I’m going to cut to the chase: Two questions for my trusted Ulcerative Colitis community. 1. Has anyone experienced weird pains in other parts of the body with UC? I spent a week barely able to walk because of hip/lower back/buttock pains […]

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Just When You Thought it Was Safe

Hi there, I’ve just found this site and at last it’s great not to feel alone anymore. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was 18 and have now being living with it for 20yrs. I’ve been really lucky that I’ve only ever had two really bad flare ups but the result of those […]

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I’m in Denial

I’m in denial. I’ve spent a lot of the last year and a half, since my diagnosis with UC(ulcerative colitis), in denial. At least now, there is a part of my brain that sees it more clearly. I don’t have to spend nights on the bathroom floor, in constant pain, lose 12kg in six weeks, […]

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