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Just Diagnosed with Left-Side Colitis and Constipated

Hello I am 26 years old and was diagnosed a few days ago with Ulcerative Colitis.

Sunday night I had what I know now to be a flare up.  I was at the grocery store checking out and all of a sudden I got terrible stomach cramping. All I thought was that I had food poisoning, so I quickly drove home (thank God I live less than half a mile from there), and when I got home I had bad diarrhea and after I emptied out, just blood from there on.

Seven years ago I had the same problem happen but I wasn’t properly diagnosed. However, my concern here is that I have always, since I was a child been a constipated person.  I rarely ever have diarrhea and when I do I am kind of happy in a way because that allows me to clean out. These 2 instances have been the only flare ups I have ever had. I do get bloated on occasion and all I would think was that it was related to my constipation. So, I am a little confused here. I don’t understand, if I have Colitis, then why am I usually constipated, very very rarely have diarrhea or loose stool, and could eat anything you can possibly think of in those 7 years from the first flare up and not have any problems?

Does anybody else have similar constipation with Colitis?

-Submitted in the Colitis Venting Area by an Anonymous UC’er

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5 Responses to Just Diagnosed with Left-Side Colitis and Constipated

  1. Rachelle June 20, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

    Before the doctors were able to diagnose me with UC, I too was constipated. Often felt like I needed to use the washroom, but once in the washroom no bowel movement would pass. If there’s anything I’ve learned, UC is very un predictable and differs from person to person. I hope I’m as lucky as you and don’t get experience any relapses for years at a time!

    • Glenda July 6, 2011 at 11:48 am #

      Hi Rachelle,

      Thank you for your comment.



  2. Helen June 21, 2011 at 4:52 am #

    Hi there, I spent my teens quite constipated like you and then it turned to going 20 times a day with blood and mucus. I was diagnosed at aged 22 six years ago and since then I have been admitted to hospital on 3 different occasions with severe constipation. I was going 13 times a day yet I was severely impacted in my upper bowel it is called fecal loading. I am now on a laxative all the time because I also have a lazy upper bowel. I now also take note if the amount I am passing is small because this usually means I am getting compacted again and I increase my laxative till I get a bit of a clear out. Constipation can be quite uncomfortable and painful. As a UC’er we should not get too constipated because this can cause the bowel to perforate and we don’t want that! The laxative I am on is called movicol it brings water to the bowel where it is need to move along and wont cause cramping. My GI put me on it. While most UC’ers avoid fiber people like us have to include it in our diet because constipation can be just if not more painful than the big D. I have a balanced diet but if I am flaring badly I will avoid high fiber foods as they will case the bowel to spasm which is painful. If you have been prescribed spasmanol or buscopan for cramps I would be careful these slow down the bowel to reduce cramping and will create more problems with constipation.

    • Glenda July 6, 2011 at 11:57 am #

      Hi Helen,

      I really appreciate you sharing your experience. I am sorry you have had to go through this, and I hope that you keep improving and getting better. I am to see the GI doc in a few weeks since I was seen at the hospital (a month ago) and I will definitely ask about laxatives he may recommend. It has been a month now since my flare up and since then I have just been constipated mainly. However, I have gone to the bathroom twice this week. I have started to make fresh fruit smoothies every morning and I think this has helped. I am following the Specific Carb Diet as well since I was discharged. I am not sure if this is helping with reducing the risk of getting more ulcers but I will continue it. Thank you again for your response.



  3. karen November 8, 2013 at 8:47 am #

    What an eye opener..
    I am 33yrs old and have been dealing with constipation my whole life -yet at age 14 was when it really started becoming bad..
    I have seen GI , after GI after internal medicine, after GI.. I have expressed my concerns of relatives with chrons, my sister and niece are the same, yet my mom and other sister can’t stop..
    All doc. have said is I most likely don’t have either the UC or chrons cause I’m constipated..
    Flare up are becoming more common and lasting longer.. it hurts to sit at times as the pain is like sitting on a nail – to a knife depending on the strength of pain..
    I can eat – all the fiber does nothing , merilax just gurgles and makes more pain. Lilnsen lax. Shoot way through me with in an hour and makes it feel like my anus is on fire/ or when a baby has really acidy poop..

    I don’t feel like I’m being heard as – like others I have some life changes going on.. yet I know my body and the difference between depression stomach issues and having compacts in your intestine that you can feel..

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