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One of the 15,000 ulcerative colitis folks using the site adds:
"Like many UCers I have spent many hours trawling the internet googling the condition and came across your website a few years ago. I read your ebook and really liked your honesty and humour. As everyone says your positivity is so encouraging and now this is my go to website when I'm thinking about UC. Thankfully my symptoms are pretty much under control at the moment but just wanted to say thanks." Kate

Gut Bacteria Part 2

Part 2 of an interview with a microbiologist regarding Gut Bacteria.  The first half of this video is a repeat of the techniques used to get the DNA from the different gut bacterias(some of which was shown in Video 1, and is rather technical, but once you understand the idea and concept it makes a ton of sense), and how to separate this bacteria from the other matter that was collected in the human’s stool samples that were used for this test.

Remember, the test was to see if human gut bacteria is changed after people take antibiotics, so Les had to determine what bacteria was in the gut before, during, and after the study.

Here is Gut Bacteria Part 3 Here

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