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"Like many UCers I have spent many hours trawling the internet googling the condition and came across your website a few years ago. I read your ebook and really liked your honesty and humour. As everyone says your positivity is so encouraging and now this is my go to website when I'm thinking about UC. Thankfully my symptoms are pretty much under control at the moment but just wanted to say thanks." Kate

Dr. Manfred Raiser – Gastroenterologist – Downers Grove, IL

Dr. Manfred Raiser

what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist (GI DOCTOR)

Colonoscopies:  this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:
Gastroenterology Services LTD
3825 Highland Avenue Suite 203
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone Number: (630) 969-1167


Comments About the Doctor:

This doctor is a good listener and explains things well from a medical standpoint, using visual diagrams so the patient can understand mechanics. He does not disregard alternative things I try such as herbal additions or dietary changes like another GI doctor I had. He has a good bedside manner and is very thorough.
I found Dr. Raiser through another physician when I was complaining about my first GI doctor. That doctor wouldn’t answer questions, was condescending, and, I have learned, has misdiagnosed two acquaintances critically, because he was not thorough enough ( i.e., prescribed Prilosec instead of doing an endoscopy).
Dr. Raiser is not at all like the first doctor. He is very gentle, knowledgeable, and will use whatever diagnostic tools are available to get a complete picture before treating a patient.

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