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Thanks for coming to the website!  This site has grown from just me talking about my UC to thousands of others from all over the world doing the same, which is great.

If you haven’t realized already, I am not a doctor, not a PhD, and not a homeopath.  The same goes for pretty much every single person who visits and uses this website.  We are people who have ulcerative colitis.  If you are having an emergency, don’t email, call your doctor or hospital ASAP.

Actually, if you send me an email asking for medical advice, I probably won’t respond to you because again…I’m not a doctor.  I’m just a person who happens to have ulcerative colitis since October 2008.  (That’s when the GI took the snake up my you-know-what and found the UC…)

Because my time is limited, priority with email responses goes first to the members of the site who have purchased my ebooks.

If you really want to ask questions, the best thing for you would be to visit the “Colitis Venting Area” and submit your story.

IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS and are trying to solicit your services to this website, please read the advertise page first.  If you do not receive a response, it is because I cannot clearly see the benefits this site’s members would receive from your goods/services etc…

Adam-Scheuer iHaveUC founderIn good health,


Adam Scheuer

colitis patient – site admin & author of Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy