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Ulcerative Colitis Tips

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Archive | Starting SCD Experiences

Helping to Start SCD Life

My name is Art Chobanian. I live in Ukraine and I was diagnoses with UC in 2001. I am a very active seeker of the ways to gain long-lasting remission and do my best to help people Join the Site’s FREE Newsletter – Click Here Join the Free Newsletter! I’m a parent of a UC’er […]

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worst UC flare

My UC Journey…Part One!

Intro: I’m 24, had ulcerative colitis for just over a year and a half and have yet to be in remission. Just turned down methotrexate and have decided to try diet changes instead. Some more details: I live in Hampshire, with my boyfriend Morgan. We both work full time but also have a property business […]

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SCD Healing Question

I am currently MED-FREE, that’s right I said it, I am not taking any medications to treat my Crohns and things have been going very well. I am following the SCD, 6 months strong baby, and as of the last few weeks have just started adding raw food back into the diet. Join the Site’s […]

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New to the UC Group

Jason’s 29 years old. Originally from New York, but has lived most his life in Southern California. And he’s new to UC. A DJ for 14 years and now working a morning radio show in Los Angeles is not easy, but the main goal is getting his UC under control ASAP! Join the Site’s FREE […]

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When Will It Stop?

Kristen is a former Santa Barbara Fun in the Sun girl, now trying her hardest to get her colitis under control. Starting out with changing her diet even though her Mayo Clinic doctors don’t seem to believe in it. She might be onto something! Join the Site’s FREE Newsletter – Click Here Join the Free […]

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L-Glutamine and Fish Oil Supplements

Joan is not wanting to get into hardcore medications like Remicade to treat her UC but is deciding to go down the familiar path of treating her colitis with diet and supplements. FIND OUT where she’s at and what questions she has. Join the Site’s FREE Newsletter – Click Here Join the Free Newsletter! I’m […]

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9 Years In, 6 Months on SCD

The SCD works. Just knowing what is good and bad is a huge tool. Whether or not you follow all the recipes it is invaluable to be able to read the ingredients of the food you buy and eat to tell whether or not it will hurt you. Join the Site’s FREE Newsletter – Click […]

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