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the specific carbohydrate diet is something that changes how you eat food, by changing what you decide to eat.

Lost in Translation

Introduction: Hi! My name is Anton, 23 years old. I’m living and studying in Moscow. I was born in Kazakhstan in small old town named Uralsk. I like reading, walking, cycling, chess, ballroom dance, yoga, music. My life has changed a lot when I was diagnosed. I abandoned my ballroom dance hobby, didn’t work, almost […]

Just Another UC

Intro: 26 male – Doctor confirmed UC for ~2 years. Actual symptoms for at least 7 but probably even longer – didn’t know it was a symptom, but looking back… My Story: So when I first starting having symptoms I actually went to a natural healer; he basically to me that I should change my […]

Starting the SCD Diet

Introduction: Diagnosed at Age 24 with Crohn’s Disease (Colonoscopy show 90% of Colon affected, GI estimated disease onset 9 years b/f diagnosis in 2007), living in southern Virginia originally from Indiana. Married mother with a toddler at home and working full-time as an Engineer. Love baking, reading, hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains. Symptoms: Currently in […]

Where Did My Ulcerative Colitis Go?

Introduction: I’m Bev…I’m a 48 year old gal…I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada…I was diagnosed with proctitis in 1999, then UC a few years later…now, I apparently have pancolitis (total colon involvement). I have had this disease for 13 years. Symptoms: None…I can’t believe it!! I was diagnosed in 1999, after four courses of […]