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Ideas and stories about alternative medicine for people dealing with ulcerative colitis

Dear FMT…Please Save Me From Surgery

Introduction: 36 years old and recently married (May 2012) to a beautiful girl. Ironman triathlete (not at the moment) and airline pilot from Australia. Diagnosed Ulcerative Colitis at age 19 (1997) with a 2 year flare. Controlled then with 5ASA Sulfasalazine. Symptom and drug free for 15 years (had appendicectomy) and then had a nasty […]

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Naturopathic Disaster

Naturopathic Disaster

Introduction: I am almost 25 years old; I was diagnosed at 18. Following my diagnosis, I was in denial about my disease and couldn’t afford my meds. Thankfully, I had mild symptoms and functioned fairly normally until I went downhill and the end result was a 5 day stay in a hospital. I had lost […]

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Do Worms Do The Job?

Do Worms Do The Job?

Introduction: Hi I’m a veteran UC sufferer based in Oxfordshire Uk – diagnosed in 1984 aged 18 after an acute attack which resulted in severe weight loss and anaemia. Some more about me: I am from Oxfordshire, Uk, & love amateur dramatics & singing. WorkIng as an After sales Co-ordinator for A Renewables Company. Symptoms: […]

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UC, C Diff and Fecal Transplant

Introduction: I just turned 27 and was diagnosed with moderate to severe pancolitis in November of 2011. After my initial diagnoses I was in remission for 6 months. Since then I have had 3 flares and was just diagnosed with c diff for the third time in a year. This is my third time with […]

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UC – Diet to Help or Heal

Introduction: 42 year old business owner, wife & mother of two young girls. She spent 13 yrs working with physicians as an association executive and currently lives is West Sacramento, California. Some more about me: I have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and recently started taking taekwondo with my daughters. I love […]

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Remission/Cure with Fresh Aloe Vera Inner Leaf

Meet Chris: 46 year old IT professional living on Gold Coast in Australia. Was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in May 2011 after colonoscopy. Remission/cure October 2012. Loving life now. Some more about me: I have dual citizenship – my Dad is Swiss, my Mum’s an Aussie. Have visited Switzerland several times to see relatives but […]

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No matter what, colitis flares don't last forever, don't forget it:)