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Here are some videos and food ideas that work for many people who are suffering from ulcerative colitis.

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Introduction: Hi! My name is Anton, 23 years old. I’m living and studying in Moscow. I was born in Kazakhstan in small old town named Uralsk. I like reading, walking, cycling, chess, ballroom dance, yoga, music. My life has changed a lot when I was diagnosed. I abandoned my ballroom dance hobby, didn’t work, almost […]

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I Have Ulcerative Colitis Since 2009 and This Is My Story

I Have Ulcerative Colitis Since 2009 and This Is My Story

Introduction: I’m Marko, 22 year old male from Romania (Eastern Europe, hihi). Have colitis since October 2009 and am currently on the SCD and feel great, almost symptom free. Symptoms: Gas, a bit of blood. Nevertheless, I poop once a day, which I find great. Marko’s Awesome Colitis Story from Romania: Hi guys. I’m Marko […]

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