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science and research into the ulcerative colitis, or gastrointestinal world.

Epithelial Surfaces

What up Colitis Folks! The time has come, we need to get down to some basics with our Immune System. Epithelial Surfaces What a strange looking/sounding set of words.  Almost sounds like a part of an insect’s antennae right?  Truth is, we all have these things, and a crapload of them.  Even if you don’t […]

How Could Helminth Infections Actually Help Inflammatory Bowel Disease

FOR ANYBODY WHO ALREADY KNOWS about “Helminthic Therapy”, I’m guessing your first thoughts were somewhere along the lines of, “Oh HELL NO!”.  Could anybody blame you?  Of course not. For crying out loud helminths are little parasitic worms.  And who wants to be messing with those right?  Disgusting, nasty, full on ridiculous…well maybe.  But the […]