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Archive | Surgery – After

Helpful ideas about diet, treatment, moving forward, and life after getting surgery for treating ulcerative colitis.

On the Road to Recovery

Hi, I’m Bryan 34 years old. I Have UC. I’ married with 2 dogs, work for a major food distributor …US Foods. And I’m on the road to a better life! Some more about me: I love to snowboard go fishing and do outdoors stuff. Going to football and baseball games. Going out to see […]

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No “J” but an “S” Pouch

Intro: What is up everyone my name is Joe and I was diagnosed back in 2012. Since being diagnosed I went through multiple treatments which I ended up having server colitis and had to have my entire large intestine removed. Some more about me: Video games, comics, Dr. Who (FANATIC), Science Fiction, Sports (Football fanatic), […]

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No matter what, colitis flares don't last forever, don't forget it:)