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Ulcerative Colitis Patients before having colon removal surgery

To J Pouch or Not to J Pouch?

Introduction: Hello, My name is Michael Schroll and I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2010. I feel like I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to help. I had a recent colonoscopy on September 4th and have moderate to severe colitis with mostly my left side inflamed. Some more about me: I enjoy riding motorcycle […]

Should I Opt For Surgery?

Introduction: I’m a 27 years old male from India suffering from ulcerative colitis since past 5 years . I was diagnosed with severe pancolits in Decemeber 2008. Some more about me: I love traveling and eating good food. Symptoms: I have about 10 bowel movements per day with no blood. I have lost a lot […]

Surgery Soon

Introduction: Hi my name is Beverley (or Bev, I don’t mind ) I am a 30 year old married mother of four from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Some more about me: I have been married for 10 years & have 2 boys (aged 14 & 6) & 8 year old twin girls. I started having […]

End of the road…J-Pouch?

Intro: I am a 26 year old male diagnosed with UC and PSC in 1996. Growing up with this combination has been both a struggle and has helped me to appreciate every day. Some more about me: I have always been quite active despite living in a constant state of active UC. I played sports […]

22 Years Old and Facing Surgery

Meet Kourtney: I am a 22 year old PhD student who has lived with UC since the age of 16. My original diagnosis was proctitis, but very recently it has spread to pancolitis. Some more about me: I study Russian language and literature and I absolutely love it! I’ve finally found the thing I’d like […]

J-Pouch or Permanent Bag?

Introduction: Hi, I’m Marti. I am a happily married 30 year old with stubborn Ulcerative Colitis since 2005. There are no meds that work anymore except a high dose of prednisone which has made my face all puffy and I can hardly recognize myself in the mirror! Because of this, I have a surgery scheduled […]