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Strange side symptoms that are possible with ulcerative colitis.

Natural, Meds, or Both?

Introduction: My name is Miesha and I am a 35 year old educator and counselor who lives in the S.F. Bay area. Diagnosed with UC in 2011. Currently in remission by using SCD diet and lots of supplements! No meds right now ! Some more about me: I love to travel and volunteer in my […]

Welcome to the Jungle

Meet Maxie M: I was diagnosed April 2011. First colonoscopy 2011 – Last colonoscopy May 2013 – Since diagnoses In and out of remission frequently. Longest remission has so far been 3 months. Have had 3 different GI’s and most recent GI is not through choice he is the only one in the city I […]

Skin Condition Related to UC

Diagnosed with UC in 2010 and Autoimmune Hepatitis in fall of 2010. I am awaiting a possible diagnose of Autoimmune Bullous Dermatoses. I have about 2 BM per day except when I am about to have my “monthly” which can make me GO sometimes up to 5 times a day. Other then that I consider […]

Peri-anal Fistulas Anyone?

Introduction: I am a 34yr old male who has had U.C./Crohn’s for 8 years. I am recently divorced with no kids yet.. Most of my disease in now in the distant bowel/sigmoid colon. Some more about me: I am an Emergency Room RN. I use to travel all over United States as a travel RN. […]

DVT After Recent UC Flare

Introduction: Male, age 50, diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis age 26; professional educator-Middle School, Associate Principal, previously Physical Education/Health Teacher, coach (basketball, football, track). Dad of beautiful, smart, athletic 16 year old, husband of my best friend and l life partner Katie. Some more about me: Avid runner, cyclist, fitness nut. Have run numerous races from […]