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If you are wondering what some of the UC community is eating, here are some ideas of food that may work for you.

Tonight’s Dinner

— Hey UC’ers, What is up?? Ciao, Buona Sera! or Hello and Good Evening if that works better for you. It’s been almost two months since I’ve been away from home and overseas.  My wife and I have stayed in 4 countries now, and everything is going pretty darn good.  In just a few days, […]

Introducing Zucchini Lasagna – SCD Legal, Vegetarian, and SUPER Tasty – Recipe Included

Hey UC’ers, So here’s the deal.  My friend CJ Hammer is a chef at a pretty sweet restaurant in Palo Alto, California called St. Michael’s Alley.  And I visit him often and help him out when I have spare time in the kitchen.  If you’re ever over there, walk back to the kitchen and tell […]

Have You Ever Made A “COCO COLITIS” Smoothie?

For anyone who’s new here.  Let me introduce myself…my name’s Adam. I started the ihaveuc website a few years ago and as you guessed, it’s all about Ulcerative Colitis and stories from people living with the disease from all over the world. It’s been a blast learning what other people are doing to treat their […]