Adam from ihaveuc

My name’s Adam and I have UC.  But that’s alright, UC is a disease that can be beaten, and life for sure can go on after your diagnosis.

I started iHaveUC.com back in January of 2010 with the hopes of connecting with other UC’ers.  If you are new to the website or my e-Books, you’ll learn very quickly why I’m a firm believer that interacting with others is crucial to beating this disease.  Many people that I meet believe their lives are over with a UC diagnosis, far too many people.  They think their lives are doomed to “being sick forever”.  That’s just not true, life for sure goes on, and the painful symptoms can go away no matter how young or old you are.

So what about my colitis?  Am I some rare or special UC patient?.  Actually, I’m more or less the common story.  Probably just like you.  Before I was diagnosed, I went for months and years struggling with undiagnosed symptoms.  Then of course the bleeding came along, and I still didn’t tell anyone.  When things got really bad, I eventually got a colonoscopy and received the news: “Ulcerative Colitis”.  From there, I started all sorts of medications, and unfortunately I had very limited success.  Eventually I had to deeply consider surgery because none of the medications were working well.

Luckily, with a little help from another UC patient, I was able to take control of my colitis with some diet changes(I talk about this in several posts on the site and in full detail in my ebooks).  I always thought diet must have something to do with my colitis, but all my doctors disagreed.  Well…the rest is history.  The overwhelming majority of my post-diagnosis days have been medication free and I never ended up having surgery.

So THANK YOU for visiting iHaveUC.com.  There is all sorts of things you can do here to help out with you colitis.  It has taken me thousands of hours to put it all together over the years, but it has been well worth it.  There is a ton of super valuable information here, written by and for people who have ulcerative colitis.  People have let me know over and over again that the website is the most comprehensive ulcerative colitis site ever, and that’s a huge compliment indeed.  I hope you feel the same as well.  That is the goal.

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Thank you again for being a part of the website, I hope you enjoy iHaveUC.  Most importantly, especially for those of you who are suffering from out of control UC symptoms right now.  You have to realize one thing:  UC symptoms can be awful, horrible, the worst thing in the world.  That is for sure.  BUT, active symptoms don’t last forever, and we all have options.  So keep your head up.  Life does get back to normal and happy days are not far away.

In good health,

Adam Scheuer